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Proper pavement repair can extend the life of your pavement up to 25 years. As pavement professionals, we know what can cause your pavement to deteriorate, so we can match the solution to the problem.

Protect your investment with professionally applied sealer, crack filler and patching.

The best way to seal new asphalt is soon after it is applied. The next best way is to seal the asphalt the moment a hint of grey is noticeable, before binder deteriorates and aggregate loosens, and before cracks and potholes appear.

Advantages of Sealing:

  • Stop weather damage

  • Prevents gas, oil and salt damage

  • Beautifies pavement

  • You can double the life of your driveway

  • Puts back in what the sun bakes out

Professionally Applied Sealer, Crack Filler and Patching

Driveway Seal Coating

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